Treatment for Hip Replacement

Alternative Hip Replacement with Stem Cells Shows Great Promise

A handful of doctors and clinics around the country are performing a promising alternative treatment to knee and hip replacement suing stem cells. The alternative hip replacement with stem cells is less risky, less invasive and has a much faster healing time than traditional knee and hip replacement surgeries. While stem cell knee replacement therapy is more widely offered and more successful than similar treatments to prevent the need for hip replacements, doctors at a hospital in Southampton, UK have pioneered a new alternative hip replacement with stem cells that appears to hold great promise. The particular stem cell treatment is most applicable to people suffering from a specific type of hip disorder – avascular necrosis, or death of the bone tissue in the hip socket. It involves the harvesting of stem cells from the patient’s bone. The harvested stem cells are mixed with powdered bone taken from another person and then injected into the hip socket. As of July 2012, doctors at the Southampton hospital had performed the procedure 6 times with only one failure. The other patients all reported significant pain relief and renewed flexibility in the hip joint.

Alternative Hip Replacement with Stem Cells for Chronic Pain

While that particular alternative hip replacement with stem cells is best suited to those suffering from avascular necrosis, there are other stem cell treatments available to those who suffer debilitating hip pain. Chronic hip pain can make it nearly impossible to work or carry out activities of daily living. Often, the only medical options offered by traditional doctors are surgical – hip surgery, hip replacements and hip resurfacing – or require long term pain management medications that have undesirable side effects.

Alternative hip replacement with stem cells is a same-day outpatient procedure that may help alleviate hip pain and even heal hip problems by improving the body’s ability to heal naturally. The procedure involves withdrawing a small amount of bone marrow from the back of your hip, isolating the stem cells from the marrow and enriching them with natural growth factors found in your blood platelets. The enriched cells are then injected into the injured area.

The results of the alternative to hip replacement using stem cells speak for themselves. While stem cell treatments for the hip are not as successful as those for the knees, many doctors report that 70 to 80 percent of their patients report significant reduction of pain and improvement in range of motion after receiving alternative hip replacement with stem cells.

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